The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 7/02/2004 08:02:00 PM ) Peter  
Oh, what a disappoointment. I almost finished my brown vest. I'm in the final cm to the shoulders, then 3-needle cast off & the edgings. The exam paper run involved more of my time than orignally hinted at. This isn't an issue, because we were given a lovely compliment that we had been one of the best teams they had had in a long time. I also had the lovely accolades from the various room supervisors & schools (depts) secretaries. I'm also a little behind in completing my Chapter 2 of my thesis. It was due in on last Thurs & it will be sent off this Sun evening. I've been hitting the high brow literature of late & been making some lovely discovering. Having done a Science degree, I had only recreational opportunities to read classical novels. So, I have deliberately selected famous works at random. The end result, an introduction to authors I knew of, but hadn't had the chance to become familiar with - Henry James, the Brontes, Lawrence Durrell; & a reaquaintance to lost friends: D.H. Lawrence, Somerset Maughan, Iris Murdoch, Tolstoy, Dovstoyesky & Randolph Stow. The upshot?? My thesis writing is improving & this must be an excellent thing. Hopefully will have an FO in the next entry. #