The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 6/06/2004 11:54:00 AM ) Peter  
UFO Month June is going to be UFO month. There are just enough calico bags in my knitting hamper to make me realise there are just TOO many UFOs & not enough FOs in my life. So far, I have been good at finishing, rather than starting new projects, this year. I have made 3 animal blankets for one of the major animal shelters in Sydney - & seen some stash & odd balls disappear out of my stash boxes. I have also completed a shawl for Mother's Day & very close to completing my sister's scarf. Yep- I am actually working on a scarf & with some lovely Alpaca scraps from James' jumper, will make a Myra Stahlman design - one of the Matthew scarf designs. I admire Myra for creating very masculine designs in memory of a slain gay man. I'm pleased to see she recognises that most gay man are not effeminate, nor girly: just men who love having sexual relationships with men. This week sees me doing 12 hr shifts at UNSW doing the exam paper run - moving papers from exam rooms to examiners. Dead time as well as active moments. All being well, I should complete my thesis chapter for this month AND make obviously progress in some of those festering UFOs mentioned above. #