The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 2/18/2004 10:58:00 AM ) Peter  
Beadwork Update Altho yesterday I mentioned my continued workout on the chair cover, last night we had a strong cool wind billowing thru the house. I needed a slight mental challenge - particularly as Tues nights has nothing on the Box, so it's just the radio for me. I dug out "Beadwork" & did over 4 rows (0.5 cm). It felt soo good to get into a wool project & to be playing with a cable needle & intricate pattern. The time whizzed by so very quickly last night. I also received my copy of "Tudor Roses" yesterday- did that have something to do with me playing with Beadwork?? Very likely. I love this book & the designs inside. Now, all I need to do is become independently wealthy, move to a cold climate & knit faster to enjoy owning a number of these designs. Cycling Madness To encourage the weight loss I desperately need ( I have put on 8 kgs more than I like to be) I have taken up cycling to/from work 3 days a week. It's about 6 kms each way & rather hilly. I also get to cycle across the Harbour Bridge, which I regard as one of life's pleasures. I use a lot of back streets because I go thru 2 business centres - North Sydney & Sydney (Circular Quay end). The Harbour Bridge altho having a fine cycle path is a steady unrelenting climb to the centre of the bridge - the climb is close to a 1 km long; the other side of course is a lovely coast, watching the ships, ferries: wind blowing thru your helmet - that kind of thing. The other pleasure has been to cycle past the QEII - a truely majestic ship. Feb is cruise ship time in Sydney, which is entertaining considering Feb is also one of our wettest months & July/Aug our sunniest & driest. We are, after all catering for the overseas tourist. Some of them however, are truely God-awful!! Particularly those ships that have private balconies rather than traditional deck space. Mostly the passengers are mean-spirited, mean-minded, expecting all places to be just like Home - either mid-west USA or Midland England. Their whinging, whining voices make screeching cockatoos sound meliferous. They are fun to taunt, so I shouldn't complain. And yes, periodically I "play" with them. #