The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 1/19/2004 12:23:00 PM ) Peter  
The Gods are being kind to me today. I have just won Debbie Bliss's Traditional Knitting & I didn't pay $150 -$250US for it. Hoorah!!! This is a wonderful book full of exquisite FairIsles & Arans. The models aren't all sticks - 3 of them are delightful elderly folk & the colour combos are well matched & the yarns are easily interchangable. I also found a Knitting design book in a remaindered store in the city. I have regularly hawked this store, to no avail. The norm is lots of quilting & scrapbooking type books & no knitting. Then the hideous LeisureArts booklets started to appear, like a whiff from a cracked sewer line. But now they have real knitting books, albeit those dumb broomsticks & rope patterns. Why does knitting have to be quick?? These self same folk will happily read one of those door stopper sized Airport novels & they never complain about attention deficit then. My excitement for the weekend was returning home on Fri evening to a power-less house. It took me forever, but water (Hoorah! we had heavy rains) has managed to get into the conduit between the garage & the house, shorting out the entire place. Laugh when you imagine me raiding the house for every extension lead & multipower box & running this multicoloured power source across the garden thru branches etc (to minimise length loss), so that I can open the electric roller doors to return the car. Only to discover that, with a flip of a lever, the damned thing becomes manual. The "multicoloured extention lead" will come in useful for operating the washing machine. Electric clocks in the house are a shambles. The clock in the oven makes wonderful clicking noises & returns to 00:00 every couple of hrs, but it doesn't tell the time anymore. (I have no idea what I did to it but the symbols are only decipherable to an Egyptologist.) Once good thing came out of it. The cats are even more smoochy than before & Madame Lash is even spending time thru the night lying on the bed. On Sat, she spent the entire day near me & followed me everywhere around the house & garden - like a dog helping Dad. Who could pass up that lovely experience?? Boofhead is happily spending time on the couch with me during News viewing. Normally, he would only do this if James is around. To remind you: their real names are Jezabel & Joel, but my nicknames are more expressive. Tomorrow: why I like getting my feet wet in Frog Ponds. #