The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 10/09/2003 09:54:00 AM ) Peter  
Well, obviously I didn't get to post before I ran away to the New England Tablelands for the long weekend. The weather was poor - intermittent rain & on the cold side (down to 7oC) & always overcast. I felt sorry for the motorbikers but hey! they chose to do it. The weed picking was average to good & I was successful in relocating a rare Grevillea species which is reproducing via suckers & not seeds. Crawling thru the hole in the fence also allowed me to be victim to ticks. The one trapped in my ear wax was the grossest example - yuckoo Played with lots of dogs - corgis & boxers & have almost converted James to getting a corgi pup. Now this is scarey stuff cos I've wanted a dog since the Cretaceous. Now I just have to convince Jez cat that it's a great idea too. Caught up with Jennywren in Armidale & met her truely lovely chap. I'm so thrilled she has found a guy that matches & compliments her special self (Jenny is a very unique person & I wouldn't change one iota of her :-]). He has a 70 acre farm just out of town & we did a tour, identifying the weeds, & watching bunnies & kangaroos ruin the pasture. It was very relaxing quality time. That night was the NSW Rugby League grand final & out came Beadwork. This cardie is growing nicely now & I'm happy with its progress. I have put Mary-Helen's vest to one side cos I haven't had the quiet quality time I need (desire) to repick up stitches for the armhole - tonight or more likely Sun morning is when it will happen. Blue Shimmer is also developing & I'm over 1/2way thru the colourway. This is full of clever colour combos & it's looking nothing short of stunning. #