The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 9/30/2003 09:32:00 AM ) Peter  
Hi everyone. Remember me?? I used to irratically post on this blog. Recently, I have wanted to post, but the virus which devastated the NSW public service computer network, stopped me from doing so. The die is cast; the steek was cut... Yes! my first steek worked & I'm happy with the results. For those thinking of trying the crochet steek method, (cos, like me, they are completely inept near a sewing machine) I recommend you look at the easy instructions in the techniques section of Schoolhouse Press site. If you are comfortable, or own a sewing machine, Wendy's instructions linked to her blog - are faultless. One armhole edging is completed, but there are too few stitches in the lower portion & I will need to rip out & do again. No dramas & not that much work to do. Wendy's Beadwork jumper is growing & I'm remembering enough now to make it a regular work & bus commute project. Helen's Blue Shimmer is my Saturday in the garden project & I'm over 1/2way thru the colourway. It's hard having purl stitches & strandwork, & the occasional 3 colour rows, but I'm loving the challenge & I'm really happy with the result. The other's are regularly worked on as well, so nothing completed but porgress is discernable on all of them (even if it's just a drop in size of the ball of yarn). This weekend, it's the Labor Day weekend & I'm runnig away to collect roadside weeds in the Tamworth - Armidale (New England Tablelands) region. I'm really looking forward to going out & botanising for a change. I also hope to catch up with a fellow knitwit Jenny. I'll try & do anther entry before I run away. #