The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 8/26/2003 04:20:00 PM ) Peter  
KnitDweebs Mar asked if the dumbing down of knitting originated in the US & then spread it's octopus tenticles across the planet. Yes, sort of - but it's more complex than that. The positive aspect is the US, then Britain & the Continent kept knitting alive thru the 90's. During this period in Australia, there were virtually no new booklets created. I still see booklets that I purchased over 6 yrs ago on the shelves. Then recently, there has been a revolution with knitting coming to the forefront. This trend started in the US as well - the great Marketing paradise. The renewed interest had to get those that hadn't knitted very much or not at all for years to become enthused & to discover the Net at roughly the same time. Knitdweebs- see the Knitting Cumudgeon for a definition - have always been with us. They lack confidence, ambition & are full of mediocracy & expect everyone else to stay with them. "Oh! I couldn't do that" is their mantra. There is also the misconception that the young things of today need instant gratification over project timeframe. I have discovered that this is crap! I have met some newbies that have launched into jumper construction with gusto & it wasn't on giant needles & rope. But the marketing depts have done a superb job in coning the public once again. Novelty yarn, simple projects like scarves & tiny tops are all you need to know. There are those that love doing the same thing ad nauseum: as long as they are happy but not controlling the craft, I'll be quiet & content. I hope some of these more inspired folk discover the joys of garment creation, because the brighter folk will soon be bored shitless with novelty scarf production & move on. These creative newbies are the people we need to hook: these are the people who will be creating new designs in 10 yrs: these are the people who will continue innovative construction & process alive. What I hate about knitdweebs are their prissy characters. They are mostly victims & behave like victims. If you challenge them, it's instant "You're picking on me" whining. I hated them in primary school - my attitude hasn't changed over time. Next post, I might be a kinder person :-) & talk about the growing excitement over setting my 1st steeks & on colouring in the chart for the Blue Shimmer cardie for my SIL. #