The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 7/29/2003 04:24:00 PM ) Peter  
Why is it that IT people are lovely at the 1-to-1 level but useless when you have a group around a mainframe computer. For the past week I haven't been able to speak to the outside world using my normal email addie, making all kinds of dramas for me. One being not able to add to this blog. I have lots to tell, but will keep this message short & try to add bits over time. Most importantly you will all wanna know what I bought. But firstly, just to say what a fantastic time I had down there. Leigh Casley & Monica were the best travelling companions. We worked like a well oiled machne, so no one held everyone up.No whinging or complaining about things that couldn't be fixed ie. weather conditions; everyone pitched in when lunchtime arrived; finding a dinner place was easy & everyone was happy to do their own thing as well as work in as a small unit: Boy!! I couldn't ask for anything better in Heaven. We were lucky to meet up with lots of fibre friends - chiefly thru KnittingAustralia & Justdoitknits (my list) as well as some blog friends. To my non-Aussie friends - Nah Nah!! I had lunch with Dot (fuzzy fibre mum) & Sarah Bradberry, as well as quality time wandering thru the stalls. Both are really lovely people to meet & know. I am hanging out for the next time we manage to visit each other again (can it be soon??) I wanna hear their laughter again. So, here is the list - much of it was bought at one session at the Mills on the Sat morn & I was very lucky to have Leigh help me with the colour combos in the FairIsle desgins cos I'm a bit autistic when it comes to making a decision at this level. *Wendy Dennis: 2 handpun/dyed skeins of dk for American friends who have been very kind to me recently - Witt Pratt & Linda Kluss from KBTH *Willabaas – lovely swirly black & white dk yarn for either me or James *Merskit Farm: silver & chocolate 5 ply (sport) for the Bayberry jumper of Ron Schweitzer *Book stall: Pacific Northwest & the sheepy shawl from FibreTrends – will be turned into table cloths by being doubled. *Marta’s Yarns: Handspun/handpainted thick/thin in Greens & browns for Mary-Helen. Close to the colour & style she wanted from Collinette *Melb Handspinners & Weavers Guild: Margaret Stove’s book on Lace (red cover) *Bendigo Book Store: other Stove book mostly on merino spinning & dyeing at an outrageously cheap price of $8 Bendigo Mills: *Mustard yellow for me - AS Flying Geese gansey - thanks Linda *Navy for my sister (vest) - using Lisa Fanderl books for inspiration *Sage for a work friend (vest/waistcoat)- *Yarn for the Blue Shimmer out of Poems of Colour for James’ sister (actually Leigh we forgot to buy the 2nd darker green, so will use Superfine cos they have nice 5ply crepe) *Brown & oatmeal to complete the Ron Schweitzer *Yarn for another FI for me: Navy/Blue/Pale green/ Oatmeal & Rusty red from a Cleckheaton pattern. *Cotton (dk) for 2 chair covers in our reading nook – to replace the icky towels currently being used. Will use "Ostrich Plumes" from Barbara Walker Treasury II #