The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 6/27/2003 03:08:00 PM ) Peter  
Well, so far, so good. :-)) The day on the farm was lots of fun - lots of thistle seedlings removed, as well as 2 huge patches of stinging nettles & all plum, pear & apple trees pruned. Yummo food & just a lovely day overall. The trip down, by train, was a bit of a nightmare cos of train disruptions & although I would love to do the commute thing every day, the thought of two trains each way, don't thrill me somehow. Lots of knitting was done on the way down. Sadly, Alice the dog, was put down last Monday after a long, losing battle with leukemia. Buried alongside was her fav foods - horse's hoof, pig's ear, chook poo & horse & cat poo; & her fav stuffed toy. Alice: I hope you have an endless supply of blue-tongued lizards to terrorise. They had already mourned her death - it was inevitable for the last month: so Barbara & Rex acquired another one on Wed. Penny is also a Death Row special & from what I hear a real sweetie. What monsters are out there that wilfully try & destroy - annihlate - unconditional love??!! I hate having to deal with these lowlife & am as obstructive as I possibly can. grrr So, knitting content: James' charcoal alpaca jumper is down to the ribbing on the 1st sleeve. I used the side panel motif - cable in the centre & moss on either side - as the central portion of the sleeve ornamentation. The first fitting of sleeve growth was met with enuthsiasm; the second with tolerance; the 3rd & final was grossly delayed, shall we say. One day he complained that his jumper would never be finished & that evening, we had a spare moment as I finished cooking dinner, he suggested he might just go upstairs to check his emails. To which I retorted with: Putting on the jumper would be much more sensible, if you want this thing finished. Zip - it was on :=] Mary-Helen's Aran vest is progressing slowly. I had to rip out another 6 rows the other night as a result of a dodgy cable. I have tried the unpick the cable portion & reknit using hooks etc, but I have always made a hash job of it. I will have caught up soon. Finally, a potential TOAD was pulled out & I have almost finished the front. The back was already completed & only 2 sleeves to go. It's boucle, but it hurts my elbow & lower arms after about 1 hr - I think cos it's slippery, I tense up. I could bore you with my thesis woes, but I want to keep my knitty friends,so will talk a little next time. :-p #