The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 5/22/2003 03:27:00 PM ) Peter  
Kitty Kapers James has always been a cat person: I've always been a doggy guy. Deep down, I'm a naturalist that has a great affinity with all life. Last Oct, Aby (James' 10 yr old black cat) died of kidney failure. I was houseminding whilst James was on a week's holiday; it was a horrible morning & culminated in me knocking his motorbike over (he came home a day earlier) when I drove the car into the tiny garage that night. The weekend after Christmas saw him, me & his 2 nieces - Anna & Louise - visit the Cat Protection Society offices & picking out 2 adult cats. James was insistent that they be adults cos they are harder to find homes. 2 seemed to get on well together - altho not siblings - & we decided to take them - Jezabel & Joel. Jez is a black & white shorthaired & Joel is a tabby &white shorthaired. Both were strays but Jez has had a litter & is more the wild animal than Joel. Joel must have had a home life during his kittenhood cos he is more domestic. Both are happy to be here in our house & with us. Jez is the fighter & about 2 months ago saw us at the vets with wounds to her back haunches. Every night we lock the cat flap & close the kitchen window & keep them inside. Jez never forgives us for this & always tries to squeeze her way thru any opening. 2 Mon nights ago, she was successful. Next morning, no Jez for the morning munchies. That night, no Jez - even after repeated shaking of the dry bits tin in the yard & Joel won't eat. James is away teaching & I'm now very concerned, to the point of checking the laneway & street for a flat cat. 10 pm, James has returned home & we hear a little squeak like the noise his office chair would make. We both jump up to see Jez with a squinty face & horribly scratched. Up to the emergency vet for antibiotics & the news that she probably has a dislocated rear toe. The worst case occurs: we have to amputate the rear toe. She may never climb those awesome dizzy heights up the eucalypts that she does, but she will climb without pain. 2 weeks of being held in the house causes cabin fever for her & I grew to loathe her little cries & desperate bids to squeeze thru tiny 1/8th inch cracks. Last Sat we opened the window - she refuses to use the cat flap - & off she went. Was there going to be another vet visit??? 2 hrs later & she is in & out. Things are back to normal & she is forgiving us & demanding strokes & rubs. Joel has, this week, started the annoying ploy of being ALWAYS hungry. On Tues, they had chicken wings, but he cries for more. So, a scoop of cat food. No! I want more, he cries. Honey, that's it, I say. We don't want fat, overweight cats: we don't believe in them. So, he shoots out of the cat flap & a minute or so is back. He's stolen some poor neighbouring dog's biscuit ring - something like a Goodo & is happily chewing on it. Bloody bugger!! :-D Joely has also taken to nibbling on my yarn as I knit. On Sat, I put alot of effort into getting the bub's blankie done. Too much effort according to Joel, cos he sat in the middle of the work & refused to budge. There is a pic & I will put it up when I can. However, on look under Cats & stuff. There is a pic of Jez & Joel. Jez on the left, Joel on the right in one of our easy chairs. They have even taken to sleeping together in this hideous little blue quilted igloo that was part of Joel's stuff when we got him. It's a funny sight to see his head near the entrance & if he looks up, this little head of Jez peeking from the corner & behind. Is it OK?? she queries. Is this the same fearless lioness that has to go to the vet's??? BTW - those icky old towels are going when I get to making nice cottony type throws for the 2 chairs - this summer, me thinks. #