The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 4/29/2003 05:37:00 PM ) Peter  
I had hoped to give a Fri 25th Apr entry, but my thesis got in the way - I completed Chapter 1 & part of a later chapter - hoorah! hoorah! The weather was also poopy - overcast & drizzly, so no pix of the house etc. Tonight I will finish the coffee gansey & will post a pic of that. It took me 6 months - thru a very hot summer - so I'm pleased with the time. Not a Wendy speed, but there is no competition; I knit cos I enjoy it & it's not a competitive sport. I don't spend weeks on end at home with leisure time either (my studies have seen to that), nor do I have a pleasant commute anymore. Sydney buses are not inducive for knitting - particularly when they are swaying all over the road during peak hour & you have to hang onto the overhead bar or you're suddenly very intimate with the grumpy suited passengers. They grumble over my backpack as it is. One other knitty related thing, I have started a new yahoo group called justdoitknits. The Yahoo index was compiled by someone who had never seen one nor knows the basic logical steps of constructing one, so don't surprised if you can't find it. I have just looked it up, so here is the url: Read the burb & if you are interested, please join. Finally, I started my day on a sad note: Wendy's cat Izzy was sadly put down last night. Although, we outlive our pets, some pets have awesome personalities (little toddlers in fur coats) & they give back way more than we give them. Izzy was one such little gal. I hope Wendy comes to terms with her grief soon. Izzy is like my beloved Cilla (corgi) in that she is always with me: I have her pic on my office board - looking as happy & wicked as ever taken on the first day she encountered the bush; I have her fur knitted in about 5 or 6 sweaters & periodically one of her hairs drops out of a box or from a deep recess of my old 4wd - her fav holiday vehicle (cos she could see out of the windows better & she was closer to the "treaties"[candy] bag when stuff was being handed out :-)) Thanks Izzy for being a fellow knit enuthsiast: you definitely put sugary icing my cake some days. :-] #