The Knitting Naturalist
      ( 3/27/2003 01:39:00 PM ) Peter  
The Knitting Naturalist I've Been Collared OK- enough of the bad puns. :-) Last night I did 3 needle cast off, without a crotchet hook. It worked & I'm pleased with the results. I've always feared I would fumble around & lose stitches when having 2 needles aligned & in one hand. I think using circulars helped. The pattern then made me pick up the neck stitches & start creating a collar. That's chugging along, altho I have 2 small holes where the join stitches were picked up. They will disappear when I sew in the loose ends. Tonight I will pick up the stitches for the 2nd sleeve of the coffee gansey. I realised this morning on my way to work (I'm now sort of glad I do the 1 ml walk from the bus stop to the office) that I will have to reverse the twist of the cables for the sleeves to match. The left front of the jumper has left (front) twisting cables, the right front has right (back) twisting cables. The sleeve caps match the front but as the spiral is reversed for each opposing sleeve, to make them match each other, I will do this reversal process. When I get a chance to take a pic, you will understand. :-0 I've also ripped to the error in the lacey work. I couldn't see why I needed to rip this far back. The error had disappeared since I last put the stupid thing down. Anyway, it looks fine now. With all 3 things fixed I have at least a week of mindless knitting - ideal for the train trip this weekend. This weekend, we are visiting an old friend(Peter) of James' in Kiama - c. 120 km S of Sydney. I grew up in Wollongong (80 km S of Sydney), so I know this seaside town reasonably well. I am going to take an afternoon train on the Sat - annoyingly they are doing trackwork, so it will be by bus to Wollongong station (I hate buses). Peter is going to cook us an "all stops out" dinner (he stays with us when he visits Sydney on the weekends, so this is a thank you) James is then getting up at some ugly hour to photo the sunrise over the Pacific for his camera class & then late morning, we are returning to Sydney by his motorbike. I want to do more PhD work (hence my abbreviated visit) & he has to mark 100 class tests from last Tues night's Financial Planning class. I have suggested he use the Arts Faculty method of marking - throwing down the stairwell & those furtherest gets the higher grades but he wasn't that keen on it. We have a small bend towards the end of the staircase & it's quite open & I think he is worried that the papers will pool towards the bottom, giving a skewed result. :-p #